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Found this Vintage Levi jacket in a charity shop (for £4!!) and thought it would be perfect to practise some custom designs on. 
Flower embroidery is oh so in but as I am oh so lazy, I went with the easier option of painting as it has a similar effect. I started off with some some roses, some other little flowers and a horseshoe (for luck..)on the sleeves and then I got really carried away on the back and started to think I was more arty than I am with the painting of a skull in an Indian style headdress. Thankfully I don't think it turned out too badly. And everyone else seems to like it too, I think it's really cool that this piece is completely custom and personal to me and it's the only one like it!!

I think the rest of the denim in my wardrobe needs to keep out of the way of me and my paint....

India Hannah Pixie

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