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Monday, 4 September 2017

The bigger the better?

Does size matter? The age old question.
Maybe when you get down to business?
Can the smaller ones really keep up?
Or is it the bigger the better?

FYI we're talking Brands.

Want to know why we should be supporting smaller businesses and independent designers? Then buckle up, Bitches.

So, we all know that the media massively influences everything fashion and dictates what is considered a 'trend', so much so, that we often get caught up in what's the new 'it' piece on insta, we lose what makes us unique. Our personality and personal style lost in the mass assimilation of trends and 'what's popular.'

Basically, we all start to look a little 'samey.'

Fortunately for us, independant design pushes fashion forward, breaks down barriers and brings fresh ideas to the fashion community, our wardrobes (and our instagrams.)

It's innovative and progressive.

Fast fashion brands are always trying to keep up with the demands of the consumer by producing more and more.

Have you ever wondered how some of their designs come about?

And no, not the sneak into your house in the middle of the night kind of theft, the sneak on your instagram/website with blatant disregard, steal designs and pass them off as your own kinda theft. 

A recent example of this, Forever 21 new collection, look familiar? That's because it's a straight rip off of Betsy Johnson and her ethical clothing brand, Freckled Ace.

Imitation is not the sincerest form of flattery F21, it's just annoying and rude, take notes.

Talking about cringe, how about that trend in the fashion world that we are all guilty of; supporting slave labour.

We are all so inexplicably proud of being stingy, we all love a bargain and we brag about our new "omg can't believe how cheap it was" purchase as if it was our first born child. 

In reality, it wasn't much of a bargain because the stitching comes loose before you even leave the shop, then when you get it home and finally try it on, it's unintentionally sheer, it goes all bobbly after 1-2 washes, not to mention, everyone and their mother has the same one, Oh and it was made in a factory with substandard labour rights.

Small businesses and independent brands and designers charge a little more but not only are we paying for quality and getting a fresh, new, innovative design, they usually manufacturer and produce their designs locally, which makes them eco friendly and more ethical than a majority of these fast fashion brands.

I don't know about you, but I would rather pay that little bit extra.
It'll probably last longer anyway.

Now, by no means am I saying that we shouldn't ever shop at our favourite high street and online brands ever again but let's just try to be a little more mindful, a little less stingy, boycott brands that steal designs off hard-working creatives and support our smaller independent designers and brands.


I just want to mention an independent brand I've recently become a fan of;

Underachievers Apparel 

 I'm well aware that 'Underachievers' is their logo but the self deprecative side of me is having a giggle at the accuracy of it.

India Hannah Pixie

(Photos taken by CJ)



  1. such dreamy beaut photos! and I really agree with what you're saying - and such a shame about the F21 thing! hope they have to make a statement or she gets some sort of compensation for it to teach other brands not to do the same.

    1. Mega babe. Thank you so much for the comment xxx

  2. Yes! I am always willing to save up to buy a more expensive pieces from an independent designer because it's supporting people trying to make a living. Not to mention they're usually a lot more ethically made than high street brands. There's been so many issues recently with big brands like missguided and forever 21 as you mentioned ripping off independent businesses. I stopped shopping high street over a year ago and I'm definitely not going back :)

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Oh and I love underachievers apparel and will deffo be adding them to my ethical brand list!

    2. Ah that is absolutely incredible, you go gal. Hopefully this post will inspire people to make more ethical choices. Thank you so much for the comment, it means the world. Xxx


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