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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Being the ugly friend

Let's not kid ourselves, we've all felt like the 'ugly friend' in our circle of friends at least once or twice.

Maybe it was when you were back in school, you'd get excited because a boy is talking to you, only for him to ask about one of your mates and talk about how gorgeous she is, like you didn't already know.

Maybe it was at that work party when everyone gathered round for the obligatory group photo, everyone looks amazing but you stick out like a sore (frumpy) thumb.

Maybe it was when all your friends got soooo many compliments, you feel that familiar pang of pride and jealousy because
 Heck yeah! that's one of your girls and she looks amazing!! but also, don't I look good enough?

Maybe it was when you were getting ready for a night out with your gal pals, they're all long legged and perfect in their mini dresses, and you're sitting on the bed, watching them fix their hair and do their makeup in the mirror, doubting yourself more and more.

You're trying so hard to ignore that horrible little voice in your head making comparisons and picking your body apart flaw by flaw until your insecurities completely take over and ruin your night. 

Whatever the situation, we've all been there, it's important to realise that every single person on the planet has insecurities about the way they look. I could start a long old list of my own but that's not what this post is about. 

Lots of us start referring to ourselves as the 'ugly friend' because we spent the majority of our teenage years  listening to boys tell us 

"omg! your friends are so pretty."

 Which is really quite sad. 
We base our beauty on how many boys tell us we are, or aren't, attractive. 
This carries on into adult life.

Here's a reminder for you; Your beauty does not become non-existent because of a man's failure to acknowledge it. Men ain't shit. 

Appearance is not the be-all and end-all of your existence, you are so much more than that. 

Since when did "You are so pretty" carry more weight than "you are so resilient/extraordinary/intelligent/brave/unique/creative/independant" 

We live on a planet with 7.5 billion people and there is only one you? 
How extraordinary is that. 
You are unique in every single way. 

So fuck society's beauty standards, acknowledge your insecurities then let them go, learn to love your flaws, don't give a fuck about men and their approval, smile and say 'yaaaaas queen' when your gal is getting lots of compliments, take those stupid group photos, learn to laugh at yourself when you look less than desirable, 
be the bad ass woman I know you are. 


Friday, 4 August 2017


I just wanna take this opportunity to talk about my new project with my gals, The Girls Club, a space for gals like you and me to create bad ass content, collaborate and chat about all things feminism and fashion. I'd love if you took some time to check out our shiny new website, we have so many exciting things to share with you. 

Now lets talk about The Ragged Priest, aka, one of my fave brands!!
They have been absolutely killing it lately, I can't keep up with how insane all their new pieces are.
Especially, these pinstripe bad boys!!

I love pinstripe, I love flares n I love split leg trousers. 
These were a must.  (obsessed!)
They might be bad ass but they aren't bad to your ass, they fit so well n are super flattering. 

I wanted to keep the rest of the look super minimalistic with my white ASOS corset, the choker that my mum says I wear too much (sorry mum) my fave leopard print bucket hat, my cobain sunnies and my Spice gal shoes from Buffalo.

India Hannah Pixie 
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