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Friday, 30 June 2017

ur fave Bratz doll

Yesterday I went to London as a plus one (Thanks Ryan)  for a super cool event with Bellfield Clothing in a bad ass venue in Shoreditch aka perfect excuse to dress up like a Bratz doll, Chloe in particular!!

Y'all know I'm really into my platforms at the moment so when I saw these glittery, 90's, chunky, platform sandals on Dolls Kill I HAD TO HAVE THEM. They are deffo a statement piece and they get you a lot of looks but feeling like a bad ass Bratz doll is so worth it! I'm living for the star cut outs and the little studs, omg.
These babies are actually surprisingly comfortable, I wore them for almost 7 hours and even then I didn't wanna take them off. I could probs babble on about them forever....in love.

My baby blue camo flares are also Dolls Kill (and also incredible!) I only ever wear flares now a days, not about that slim fit jean life anymore (thank u god.) so I thought these would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe, I adore the colour and the fit and the fact it feels like i'm wearing PJ's.

Movin' on up, my T-shirt, which is actually a T-shirt dress, is from Milk It Vintage, it's crazy oversized and slouchy, I love the colour combo and the print, peep the little dangly stars and moons on the hem, adorable.

Finally, I'm just wearing a few of my thrifted finds, my sk8r chain, cobain sunnies and my fave red beret, yaaas.

India Hannah Pixie

P.s the bottle of 'champagne' is actually cider and all the alcohol in these pics were just used as props because I look cooler....

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pink to make the boys wink

Pink to make the boys wink! Or not, because who cares about boys, am I right???

I keep doing this thing lately where I become obsessed with a certain colour (currently red or pink) and wear as much of it as I can in one outfit hence creating this lil baby pink co-ord that doesn't quite match, probably because the bandeau is Illustrated People and the slightly crazy, mermaid-esque, hybrid flares are Missguided. I'm also kinda obsessed with matching my eyeshadow to my outfit, you may or may not have noticed this if you follow me on instagram!

I have been on the hunt for a pair of platforms with a square heel for the loooongest time, I fell in love with some from UNIF but ya gal doesn't have the $$$ for that just yet so luckily I found these babies on Nasty gal (vegan leather, yay!)
They're ridiculously comfy and look bad ass with E V E R Y T H I N G.

You may be wondering where my gorgeous as hell 'oriental' jacket/top is from?? My mum picked it up from a car boot for me, mega babe!! I love it bc it's so versatile and you can pick out loads of colours from the print to match what you're wearing or be bold and clashy (more likely...)

You've seen my spice gal hat before, another charity shop find that I'm still looovin'.

India Hannah Pixie 


Thursday, 8 June 2017

camo gal

This is one hot mess of an outfit inc all my current fave things!!
I picked up these camo pants from a car boot sale last weekend, they came with a matching jacket, it was £4 all in which me and my pal split,
she wanted the jacket,
I wanted the pants,
£2 each,
can't complain.

 I've been on the hunt for some camo babies for aaaages but I wanted them to look 'genuine' and be that kind of noughties boy band baggy and I've hit the jackpot here. They are kinda big round the waist but a grommet belt fixes that, plus it matches my choker? cute huh.

One of my fave brands The Ragged Priest kindly sent me some pieces, this adorable lil baby girl top included and I really like this because it's a twist on your basic white tee (y'all know I don't do basic!!) with the 3 quarter length sleeves and it's a twist on your slogan tees (y'all know I don't do slogan tee's!!) with the cutesy lil rhinestones, omg!! This kind of piece will go with any outfit and I felt like I needed some not so basic basics in my wardrobe for summer. Also, this top is vvvvv soft.

I mentioned summer but today was mildly arctic which didn't bother me too much because I got to whack out my lilac fluffy jacket (yay!) livin' for the contrasting colours.

Finished off the look with my fuck off, chunky ass, stompy goth boots from New Rock, I got them 2nd too, I just loooove the silver hardware but my god are they heavy!!

India Hannah Pixie
(P.s enjoy my wonky pigtails!)

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