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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Style

I find it ridiculously difficult to dress for summer and still feel like i'm being true to myself and my style. I love accessorizing, mixing fabrics and wearing big ol' chunky shoes, all things that are a little more difficult to pull off when it's too hot to wear anything more than a cotton dress and sandals.

I feel like this outfit is a perfect compromise, a simple cotton tea dress from Nobody's Child (which is too damn adorable and fits like a dream!) a thrifted fluffy bag (mixing those fabrics n textures) and these chunky af mules from ASOS (for when you wanna add height and that grunge feel.)

I cannot be without jewellery and so i'm wearing my usual Thomas Sabo rings and a chain around my neck (for when you're a wannabe skater and can't wear a chain on your belt.)

It was a little too warm for the beret i'm not going to lie to you but my hair is almost offensive without covering it with a hat (I brushed it that morning so the frizz was out in full force.) The 90's sunglasses were a recent pick up from a charity shop find.

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