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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

smart, casual spice gal

 Comfort is the main thing I consider when putting together an outfit, especially when
a) I'm spending the whole day running round London
b) I'm feeling a little tender after attending The Ragged Priest' event (damn u free lager!)

I did not want to leave the comfort of my slouchy ass Ellesse hoody so I just threw on a very boxy fit, pin stripe blazer over the top which hangs beautifully and gives a vvv nice silhouette (not that you can tell over this blazer) it just adds a little suttin suttin' to the look and makes it a little less 'cba.'
I picked up both of these hunnies from ASOS, the hoody is literally, the SOFTEST thing in the world, the colour is to die for and the blazer is a must-have, so versatile and easy to dress up and down, it's also a really nice length so I reckon it could double up as a cool ass dress?! We'll see.

Moving on down to these amazing!!!! velvet!!!! flares!!!! from MXCI, this pair is called the 'Stevie Bell bottoms' and they have a gorgeous lace up waist which although unfortunately you can't see in these pics, I promise you is cute af. The flares are super stretchy and soft and fit like a fucking dream!!! I am definitely going to pick up a 2nd pair in Gold.

Because I'm a Mong and didn't realise you could email the babes over at MXCI to get custom length flares I just went for the size XS and the legs are kinda long,so I had to whip out the Spice gal platforms and I ain't mad about it!! These babies are surprisingly comfortable, I wore them for like, 14 hours and I still was not in a rush to take them off, I love, love, love them! I matched them to my fluffy leopard print bucket hat which I picked up in a charity shop, after all, there is no such thing as too much leopard print....

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