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Monday, 29 May 2017

check co ords

The babes over at Love Too True contacted me and asked me if I wanted to be sent some things from their new collection (which drops on the 3rd June - pop that date in ya diaries!!) and of course I said Hell Yah!!

This incredible check co-ord was handmade and oh my god, it is too die for!! The fit is absolutely spot on and of course the print is right up my street.
I only received this a 3 days ago and I've worn it twice already (obsessed much.....)

I LOVE co ords, they're so versatile, I love that you can mix and match and wear the co ord either together or separately and you can tie the bow on the trousers either at the front or at the back, either way looks cool af. You can style the top different ways too, a bralet or fishnet top would look so sick but if you wanna rock this bra less you totally can bc the material is such good quality and nice n thick.

I styled this bad ass co ord with my check vans (never too much check) fishnet socks and my Cobain sunnies!!
You should 100% check out Love Too True (lots of amazing, unique swimwear and co ords etc in the most amazing prints!!)

India Hannah Pixie


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Style

I find it ridiculously difficult to dress for summer and still feel like i'm being true to myself and my style. I love accessorizing, mixing fabrics and wearing big ol' chunky shoes, all things that are a little more difficult to pull off when it's too hot to wear anything more than a cotton dress and sandals.

I feel like this outfit is a perfect compromise, a simple cotton tea dress from Nobody's Child (which is too damn adorable and fits like a dream!) a thrifted fluffy bag (mixing those fabrics n textures) and these chunky af mules from ASOS (for when you wanna add height and that grunge feel.)

I cannot be without jewellery and so i'm wearing my usual Thomas Sabo rings and a chain around my neck (for when you're a wannabe skater and can't wear a chain on your belt.)

It was a little too warm for the beret i'm not going to lie to you but my hair is almost offensive without covering it with a hat (I brushed it that morning so the frizz was out in full force.) The 90's sunglasses were a recent pick up from a charity shop find.

India Hannah Pixie


Tuesday, 16 May 2017

smart, casual spice gal

 Comfort is the main thing I consider when putting together an outfit, especially when
a) I'm spending the whole day running round London
b) I'm feeling a little tender after attending The Ragged Priest' event (damn u free lager!)

I did not want to leave the comfort of my slouchy ass Ellesse hoody so I just threw on a very boxy fit, pin stripe blazer over the top which hangs beautifully and gives a vvv nice silhouette (not that you can tell over this blazer) it just adds a little suttin suttin' to the look and makes it a little less 'cba.'
I picked up both of these hunnies from ASOS, the hoody is literally, the SOFTEST thing in the world, the colour is to die for and the blazer is a must-have, so versatile and easy to dress up and down, it's also a really nice length so I reckon it could double up as a cool ass dress?! We'll see.

Moving on down to these amazing!!!! velvet!!!! flares!!!! from MXCI, this pair is called the 'Stevie Bell bottoms' and they have a gorgeous lace up waist which although unfortunately you can't see in these pics, I promise you is cute af. The flares are super stretchy and soft and fit like a fucking dream!!! I am definitely going to pick up a 2nd pair in Gold.

Because I'm a Mong and didn't realise you could email the babes over at MXCI to get custom length flares I just went for the size XS and the legs are kinda long,so I had to whip out the Spice gal platforms and I ain't mad about it!! These babies are surprisingly comfortable, I wore them for like, 14 hours and I still was not in a rush to take them off, I love, love, love them! I matched them to my fluffy leopard print bucket hat which I picked up in a charity shop, after all, there is no such thing as too much leopard print....

India Hannah Pixie


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Can't skate

There's nothing better than discovering an independent brand, especially one with a whole capsule of effortlessly bad ass and quirky pieces. Pieces that evoke feelings of nostalgia. Pieces that make you feel fierce and empowered. Pieces that allow you to express your individuality with bold colours, unapologetic slogans and IDGAF attitude.

This is the embodiment of The Ragged Priest. (n why I love this brand so much)

I am LIVING for The Ragged Priest Spring/Summer collection (It's deffo my fave so far!)

 Choker /x/ DIY/Thrifted
'Cant Skate' Tee /x/ The Ragged Priest
Grommet Belt /x/ Thrifted
Skater Chain /x/ Thrifted
Jeans /x/ Thrifted
Most incredible 'scary spice' shoes evaaa /x/ Thrifted (Buffalo)

I'm kinda in love with this long sleeved top, it's super comfy and easy to throw on with your fave pair of skater chick jeans. The mismatching sleeves are a really cool detail (I loveeee yellow at the moment) and whilst i'm not usually a slogan tee kinda gal, I vvv much enjoy The Ragged Priest slogans, especially this one, which basically sums up my life.

This wouldn't be a trashed vintage post if I wasn't wearing something I thrifted so the jeans (originally Topshop) I got from a charity shop a while ago and they're probably one of my favourite pairs but forget the jeans, you're probably wondering about the shoes... leopard print, platform, spice girl HEAVEN. Got them secondhand from a dude in America, they are deadstock buffalo's and I want to wear them 24/7.

India Hannah Pixie

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