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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Not a sk8r


Sunglasses /xASOS
Choker /xDIY
Angel tee /xThe ragged priest 
Belt /xThrifted
Sk8r jeans /xASOS
Fishnet socks /xASOS
Vans /xVans, duh! 

 No, I don't skate.
 I do have a skateboard,
 in the depths of my garage.

 I'm just here for the aesthetic, okay?

I am so down for the whole skater boy vibes, I'd had these cropped skater jeans in my ASOS 'saved items' for a good few weeks until I thought, fuck it, I need them. They come complete with the (Oh so necessary) chain attachment,
you can't be a skater chick without a chain...

This t-shirt makes me so nostalgic!!
12 year old me loved tops with (kinda tacky) diamonte words and slogans on, we all had them, right?

India Hannah Pixie 


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