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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Fire away

Sunnies /x/ Thrifted
Choker /x/ DIY
Jersey /x/ Thrifted (Depop)
Boots /x/ Thrifted

If you know me, you'll know i'm a little obsessed with anything that has flames on so I kinda just fell in love with this jersey!! 

I think it is gonna be so perfect for those spring/summer days because of the mesh material which means it keeps you super cool (despite the long sleeves) though it is a little sheer so definitely needs a slip dress underneath.

Red is one of my favourite colours to wear, it's so daring and fun, the sunnies and red lip was a must!!

Just threw on my old thrifted biker boots to give the outfit a little edge and move away from the whole sporty vibe! 

India Hannah Pixie


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Clown Frown

Beret /x/ Thrifted
Choker /x/ DIY
Tee /x/ Moby Slick illustrations 
Flares /x/ Thrifted
Shoes /x/ River Island
Bag /x/ Zara

(Its super important to support your local artists, musicians, creatives etc, show them how much you appreciate the art they create!!)

Obsessed with this bomb ass 'Clown Frown' tee designed by super talented artist n' mega babe Ebby @ Moby Slick Illustrations.I was so stoked to get my hands on one of these as they were limited run! 

(Make sure you check out the Moby Slick Illustrations Instagram page to see some fresh designs that will be coming soon!!)

I was having a spring clean of my wardrobe(s) (x3) and I rediscovered my cream flares, which you may remember from a previous post (that you can read here) I picked these babies up from a charity shop for £1.25 a few months back and I think I wore them once then completely forgot about them and so, I've made it my mission to get some more wear out of them because I actually do love the versatility and comfort of them and the colour is perfect for Spring n Summer.  

I originally was going to pair the flares with my vintage black ankle boots just like in my previous post but looking back I think the black is too much of a contrast and so I settled with my burgundy balenciaga dupes that I picked up in a River Island sale for £15 a couple weeks ago! 

I think this is probably one of my favourite outfits for Spring, it's so ridiculously comfortable and it makes me feel really cool (which i'm not!)

India Hannah Pixie


Sunday, 2 April 2017

Not a sk8r


Sunglasses /xASOS
Choker /xDIY
Angel tee /xThe ragged priest 
Belt /xThrifted
Sk8r jeans /xASOS
Fishnet socks /xASOS
Vans /xVans, duh! 

 No, I don't skate.
 I do have a skateboard,
 in the depths of my garage.

 I'm just here for the aesthetic, okay?

I am so down for the whole skater boy vibes, I'd had these cropped skater jeans in my ASOS 'saved items' for a good few weeks until I thought, fuck it, I need them. They come complete with the (Oh so necessary) chain attachment,
you can't be a skater chick without a chain...

This t-shirt makes me so nostalgic!!
12 year old me loved tops with (kinda tacky) diamonte words and slogans on, we all had them, right?

India Hannah Pixie 

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