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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sporty Gal (kind of, but, not really)

Polo neck jumper /x/ Oasis
'Bitterness' Tee /x/ The ragged priest
Tennis skirt /x/ Thrifted
Fishnets /x/ ASOS
Booties /x/ Thrifted

Probably the most minimalistic outfit you will ever on this blog? But, I'm kinda digging it.

If you have access to the internet, social media and/or eyes you may have seen that a lot of brands are bringing out pieces inspired by the whole sporty vibe aka lots of polo tops, tracksuits, tennis skirts etc.
Whilst I'm not the biggest 'trend follower' I was super pleased when I stumbled across this lil tennis skirt in a charity shop (for £2!!) 
Not only is it cute AF, this skirt is so damn practical (especially for ppl like me who are kinda prone to flashing the world her undies) as they have little shorts underneath, so you can dance around all you want....perks of a genuine tennis skirt.

Will I ever not be obsessed with this The Ragged priest tee?? probs not!!

India Hannah Pixie 


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