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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

It's not my usual style

Grommet choker /x/ DIY
Chain earrings /x/ ASOS
Top /x/ Zara
Jeans /x/ Thrifted
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Silver shoes /x/ DEPOP 
Bag /x/ Skinny dip London

So, I've seen these kind of chokers on so many cool babes(!!) but I didn't want to pay Etsy or Depop prices so I was super excited to find an old grommet belt in a charity shop, I just snip, snip, snipped it to fit my neck and done. So much cuter as a choker.

Copped this little top in Zara recently. It's not my usual style, I must admit. It's a far cry from my over-sized, over-worn but well loved XXL vintage t-shirts but I think the choker and earrings grunged it up enough for me to not feel too unlike myself and truth be told, I quite like the little frilly detailing and the little bows on the shoulders. I very much enjoyed styling this piece.

Also, how cutesy are these little shoes?! They're the perfect heel height, super comfy and look good with, pretty much, EVERYTHING

India Hannah Pixie


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