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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Flares n Mom vibes

Grommet choker /x/ DIY
Grateful dead tee /x/  Brandy Melville
Flares /x Thrifted
Boots /x/ Thrifted
Bag /x/ Skinny dip London

Just a quick note for any of those 'Urgh do you even listen to that band' judgey people who are staring at my t-shirt, I'm currently listening to Casey Jones whilst writing this so shhh ya'self;) 

I've been obsessed with flares ever since I found my pair of Motel flared trousers in a charity shop a couple of months ago (for £6) & I've been on the hunt for more pairs ever since, with no luck.

That was until I stumbled across this beaut pair in another charity shop the other day, which, I might add, was having a half price sale, I managed to pick these up FOR £1.25, they are originally Miss Selfridge as well!!!

Whilst at first I wasn't keen on the colour, in fact, I hated the colour, they remind me of Chinos and y'all don't know how much I despise Chino's. The colour almost put me off buying them but I decided to try them on anyway and I was so happy with how they fit that I just could not leave them behind.

(I actually had a super successful thrift shop this day, I picked up a total of 6 items, 5 of which were vintage, for £14.)

I was considering the possibility of dying them, I think, maybe, red?! But, I quite like how they look with this super cute Grateful Dead tee I picked up from Brandy Melville. I still might dye them though, I've always wanted a pair of bright red statement flares, although I think the people in my town would have a heart attack as apparently even wearing cream flares warrants bizarre looks...

I think these trousers would also look incred with my checked, slip on vans but I'm kinda digging the 'mom vibes' this outfit gives with my vintage black booties!!

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