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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

No, I don't skate

Choker /x/ Regal Rose
Purple Knit /x/ Thrifted
Long sleeved tee /x/ River Island
Tulle dress /x/ Thrifted
Fishnet stockings /x/ ASOS
Shoes /x/ Vans 

 I thrifted this tulle dress a few years back but I couldn't figure out how to make it 'me' so I barely wore it and left it in the back of my wardrobe.  Lately, I've seen tulle dresses absolutely everywhere so I decided to drag this baby back out and style it up (well, down.) I'm still a massive fan of layering so I threw on a long sleeved tee underneath and my 'So ugly, It's cute' thrifted cardigan that I featured in a previous post.  

And OF COURSE, I'm AGAIN wearing fishnets. Gimme some credit though because this time they're not fishnet socks nor fishnet tights but fishnet stockings!! See, mixing it up a bit.

Wearing my comfiest pair of shoes, my beloved Vans (and No, I don't skate)

India Pixie


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