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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nightwear to Daywear

Pink ruffle choker /x/ ASOS
Black t-shirt /x/ Thrifted
Pink slip dress/x/ Thrifted 
Pink socks /x/ Topshop
Fluffy shoes /x/ Truffle

For serious lonely housewife/On the hunt for a sugar daddy vibezz.

Pink is my favourite colour, just, not usually my favourite colour to wear. But, lately I've been really into it which is where this lil outfit has come from!!

I'm still lovin' styling up 'night wear' pieces such as this cute lil slip dress (which is vvv sheer hence the grungy tee underneath.) I paired it with some matching pink frilly socks and my amazing fluffy sandals, I was also wearing my big faux fur coat but it ruined the aesthetic so I opted to half freeze to death..... How long til summer again?

India Pixie 


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