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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mixing old with new

Vintage sunglasses /x/ Thrifted
Neck Scarf /x/ ASOS
Vintage Harley Davidson sweater /x/ Thrifted
Reversible silk bomber jacket /x/ Topshop
Jeans /x/ Missguided
Boots /x/ Public Desire
Vintage Guess bag /x/ Thrifted

I'm usually the type of person who likes to invest a bit of money into a decent pair of jeans, I look for longevity and a good fit (It's a struggle to find 'petite' jeans when your waist is small, your legs are tiny and stumpy but you've got a butt and waist...) Now, this doesn't mean I splash a lot of cash when purchasing jeans, as I'm sure you know by now, probably, around 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted/from charity shops/secondhand/whatever term you prefer so I can usually find good quality (aka Levi's/Lee's) jeans for a decent price and that will actually fit me.
However, these black, ripped, frayed hem bad boys aren't thrifted, or vintage. They're from Missguided. I took a bit of a gamble buying these as I had no idea what the quality or fit was like, they were the last sale pair left in a size 6 and they were only £15 so I thought why the hell not. Whilst the quality is not as good as some of my vintage babies (in typical 'fast, throw away fashion') I was actually pleasantly surprised with them, they make your butt look great, they are fitted to the leg, they actually fit my waist (no need for a belt) and the rips and fraying details are super cute, well done Missguided.

You all know I love mixing vintage/secondhand with new and that's why I just love this super casual, comfy outfit. I wear this vintage sweatshirt to death (I have a bizarre obsession with Harley Davidson merch) but I wanted to break up the all black look as that's completely not my style! The bright pop of green from this gorgeous silk bomber jacket contrasts with the black so nicely and the red piping details ties in nicely with my vintage Guess bag. Finally, these boots. They are dreamy. Nothing more to say about that.

India Hannah Pixie


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