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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Emo Blair Waldorf vibes

Lil bug earrings /x/ Gift, unknown brand
Choker /x/ Regal Rose
Pink 'tie' /x/ stole off a Christmas present 
White collared dress /x/ Zara
Black V neck plastic bag looking dress /x/ Zara
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Booties /x/ Daisy Street
Bag /x/ Skinny dip London 

Y'know those days where you just kinda throw on a outfit, hope for the best and it's a surprise because you're like this actually kinda works?! Today was one of those days. So the white collar thing is actually a little dress; I was looking for something to pop round the collar for some school girl/Blair Waldorf vibes and I remembered I nicked this piece of velvet ribbon off one of my Christmas presents and idk, I think it looks kinda cute!!  

I'm all about layering so I threw on this sort of, mildly hideous, plastic bag, faux leather, v neck dress thing over the top and to stop it looking quite so mildly hideous, plastic bag-ish I popped on this studded belt I thrifted a few years back when I was a little more emo/grunge (its been at the back of my chest of drawers for years!!) and I really like the overall effect. 

Feel like a fierce, bad ass but not quite so bitchy version of Blair Waldorf (gossip girl) in this outfit.

India Pixie


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