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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Mixing old with new

Vintage sunglasses /x/ Thrifted
Neck Scarf /x/ ASOS
Vintage Harley Davidson sweater /x/ Thrifted
Reversible silk bomber jacket /x/ Topshop
Jeans /x/ Missguided
Boots /x/ Public Desire
Vintage Guess bag /x/ Thrifted

I'm usually the type of person who likes to invest a bit of money into a decent pair of jeans, I look for longevity and a good fit (It's a struggle to find 'petite' jeans when your waist is small, your legs are tiny and stumpy but you've got a butt and waist...) Now, this doesn't mean I splash a lot of cash when purchasing jeans, as I'm sure you know by now, probably, around 80% of my wardrobe is thrifted/from charity shops/secondhand/whatever term you prefer so I can usually find good quality (aka Levi's/Lee's) jeans for a decent price and that will actually fit me.
However, these black, ripped, frayed hem bad boys aren't thrifted, or vintage. They're from Missguided. I took a bit of a gamble buying these as I had no idea what the quality or fit was like, they were the last sale pair left in a size 6 and they were only £15 so I thought why the hell not. Whilst the quality is not as good as some of my vintage babies (in typical 'fast, throw away fashion') I was actually pleasantly surprised with them, they make your butt look great, they are fitted to the leg, they actually fit my waist (no need for a belt) and the rips and fraying details are super cute, well done Missguided.

You all know I love mixing vintage/secondhand with new and that's why I just love this super casual, comfy outfit. I wear this vintage sweatshirt to death (I have a bizarre obsession with Harley Davidson merch) but I wanted to break up the all black look as that's completely not my style! The bright pop of green from this gorgeous silk bomber jacket contrasts with the black so nicely and the red piping details ties in nicely with my vintage Guess bag. Finally, these boots. They are dreamy. Nothing more to say about that.

India Hannah Pixie


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nightwear to Daywear

Pink ruffle choker /x/ ASOS
Black t-shirt /x/ Thrifted
Pink slip dress/x/ Thrifted 
Pink socks /x/ Topshop
Fluffy shoes /x/ Truffle

For serious lonely housewife/On the hunt for a sugar daddy vibezz.

Pink is my favourite colour, just, not usually my favourite colour to wear. But, lately I've been really into it which is where this lil outfit has come from!!

I'm still lovin' styling up 'night wear' pieces such as this cute lil slip dress (which is vvv sheer hence the grungy tee underneath.) I paired it with some matching pink frilly socks and my amazing fluffy sandals, I was also wearing my big faux fur coat but it ruined the aesthetic so I opted to half freeze to death..... How long til summer again?

India Pixie 


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Emo Blair Waldorf vibes

Lil bug earrings /x/ Gift, unknown brand
Choker /x/ Regal Rose
Pink 'tie' /x/ stole off a Christmas present 
White collared dress /x/ Zara
Black V neck plastic bag looking dress /x/ Zara
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Booties /x/ Daisy Street
Bag /x/ Skinny dip London 

Y'know those days where you just kinda throw on a outfit, hope for the best and it's a surprise because you're like this actually kinda works?! Today was one of those days. So the white collar thing is actually a little dress; I was looking for something to pop round the collar for some school girl/Blair Waldorf vibes and I remembered I nicked this piece of velvet ribbon off one of my Christmas presents and idk, I think it looks kinda cute!!  

I'm all about layering so I threw on this sort of, mildly hideous, plastic bag, faux leather, v neck dress thing over the top and to stop it looking quite so mildly hideous, plastic bag-ish I popped on this studded belt I thrifted a few years back when I was a little more emo/grunge (its been at the back of my chest of drawers for years!!) and I really like the overall effect. 

Feel like a fierce, bad ass but not quite so bitchy version of Blair Waldorf (gossip girl) in this outfit.

India Pixie


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

No, I don't skate

Choker /x/ Regal Rose
Purple Knit /x/ Thrifted
Long sleeved tee /x/ River Island
Tulle dress /x/ Thrifted
Fishnet stockings /x/ ASOS
Shoes /x/ Vans 

 I thrifted this tulle dress a few years back but I couldn't figure out how to make it 'me' so I barely wore it and left it in the back of my wardrobe.  Lately, I've seen tulle dresses absolutely everywhere so I decided to drag this baby back out and style it up (well, down.) I'm still a massive fan of layering so I threw on a long sleeved tee underneath and my 'So ugly, It's cute' thrifted cardigan that I featured in a previous post.  

And OF COURSE, I'm AGAIN wearing fishnets. Gimme some credit though because this time they're not fishnet socks nor fishnet tights but fishnet stockings!! See, mixing it up a bit.

Wearing my comfiest pair of shoes, my beloved Vans (and No, I don't skate)

India Pixie


Sunday, 8 January 2017


Leopard print bucket hat /x/ Thrifted/Vintage
Denim jacket /x/ Thrifted/Vintage (hand painted by me)
Black n white stripe top /x/ Oasis
Skinny scarf /x/ Topshop
Velvet wrap skirt /x/ Topshop
Fishnet tights /x/ ASOS
Booties /x/ Thrifted/Vintage
Ugly mini bag /x/ Thrifted/Vintage by Guess

This outfit is just a massive combination/mess of all my favourite things including a couple of my fave thrift finds from last year (bucket hat, booties) the denim jacket I hand painted, fishnet tights (which I wear with every single outfit in one way or another) a roll neck jumper (because its cold AF) a rather useless but cool nonetheless skinny scarf  and lastly this ugly (and so 2001) Guess mini bag I thrifted on a holiday last year in a Cornish charity shop for £2, I kinda forgot about it until now, it's super impractical but I GUESS its kinda cute (excuse the pun.)

India Hannah Pixie


Saturday, 7 January 2017

How to wear whatever the fuck you want and not give a fuck

How to wear whatever the fuck you want and not give a fuck (prepare to read the most rambly piece of shit, 2k17)

To me, fashion is more than throwing an outfit on every morning, it's a way of expressing yourself, it's experimental. I've always loved being able to dress differently every single day, I love experimenting with textures, colours, styles. I love thrifting and designing my own shit.

Clothes and confidence go hand in hand.
People wear shit they like to feel confident, not everyone feels confident in the same damn thing.

If you feel confident wearing basic clothes then you do you!!!

If you feel comfortable wearing random ass shit that doesn't typically 'go' but you like the way the colours makes you feel then you do you!!!

If you feel comfortable dressing like a Kawaii princess one day then a sk8er tomboy the next then you do you!!!

You should be able to wear whatever the fuck you want to wear but unfortunately, at least, in my experience, it's not quite that easy.

I live in a basic ass town with a lot of basic ass people, the unspoken uniform for this basic ass town never varies too much from a green bomber jacket, white crop top, blue/black Joni jeans and Adidas trainers.

There have been more times than I care to admit that a group of 7 or 8 girls wearing the EXACT same thing have called me out on my outfit as I've been walking past them or I've heard them whispering whilst I'm sat in a coffee shop drinking my medium, soya milk latte.

Come to think of it, There's been a LOT of times over the years where I've left peoples opinions stop me from wearing what I want and there's one significant event that I remember to this day.
Picture this, me, a slightly quirky 12 year old, feeling a little bit sassy in my outfit, walking downstairs wearing a pink corduroy pleated skirt, glittery silver socks and my first ever pair of Irregular Choice shoes that my mum had bought me, they were various shades of pink with little poodles painted on them and I adored them. Unfortunately this didn't stay my favourite outfit and I only wore those shoes once, telling my mum they hurt my feet too much and I refused to wear them. My cousin and her best friend laughed as I walked down the stairs (not quite the reaction I had hoped.)
"What ARE you wearing?!" 
"That outfit does not GO" 
"Well if she thinks it goes then she should just keep telling herself that." 

This kind of thing happened many more times over the years from my friends
"You look weird"
"Why do you dress like that??" 
"How can you wear 2nd hand clothing, isn't it dirty?" 

And then from a (now, ex, thank god!!) boyfriend who so frequently told me he disapproved of my outfits or how I looked so often that when he said nothing at all, I knew I had his approval.
His silence was my compliment.

But then, he'd complain that I had no self-confidence and would tell me to 'go work on myself.'


As I've got older I realized life is too damn short to give a fuck what anyone else thinks of me, I got rid of all the toxic people in my life. I stopped waiting for approval. I stopped giving a fuck about other peoples opinions. I told myself that when people called me 'weird' they just meant I wasn't 'usual' and who wants to be normal anyway. I started telling myself I look like a bad ass bitch. I adopted a 'Don't give a fuck attitude.' I realized that people are assholes, they say dumb shit, they're going to judge you whatever you do, so fuck it, do it anyway. I realized no one should dictate what I wear, not family, not friends, not people I don't even fucking know and won't ever see again and certainly not dumb ass ex boyfriends!!

India Hannah Pixie


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Sad grl flares

Roll neck striped top /x/ Oasis
Vintage T-shirt /x/ Thrifted
Hella awesome pin stripe flares /x/ Thrifted
Skinny scarf /x/ Topshop
Mermaid bag /x/ Skinny Dip London
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Slip-ons /x/ Vans 

Found these insane (!!!) high waist pin stripe flares in a charity shop (original brand is Motel) and they make me vvv nostalgic for my younger days before skinny jeans became a thing. I don't know why I ever traded flares for skinnies, they literally go with absolutely everything and are so ridiculously comfortable and make you feel like the epitome of cool (though you do get some bizarre looks from skinny jean worshippers!)

Pin stripe can look very 'work-like' so grunge it up with a band tee and some cute trainers and you're good to go.

India Hannah Pixie

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