December 2016 | Trashed Vintage

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ugly sweaters

Pom Pom earrings /x/ ASOS
Pink choker /x/ handmade by moi
Silver choker /x/ Regal Rose
Scarf /x/ ASOS
Hideous jumper /x/ Thrifted
T-shirt /x/ Thrifted
Jeans /x/ Topshop 
Converse /x/ Thrifted
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Bag /xTopshop

Came across the coolest Alice in Wonderland mural today and it made for the coolest pics!! As the weather is getting seriously chilly in the UK I thought it was a good time to add some more knitwear to my wardrobe and I stumbled across the ugliest fxckin' cardigan in the history of the world in a charity shop (for £2) it's vintage, bright purple and covered in shoes, I like that it's a cropped style and it has super long sleeves, it's quite a thick knit so I can be cosy in (not so much) style. I've also been wearing this super soft knit scarf from ASOS errrrry-day, it's crazily long and (again) super cosy!! As always I'm wearing my over-sized vintage band tee and fishnet socks.

India Hannah Pixie
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