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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ugly sweaters

Pom Pom earrings /x/ ASOS
Pink choker /x/ handmade by moi
Silver choker /x/ Regal Rose
Scarf /x/ ASOS
Hideous jumper /x/ Thrifted
T-shirt /x/ Thrifted
Jeans /x/ Topshop 
Converse /x/ Thrifted
Fishnet socks /x/ ASOS
Bag /xTopshop

Came across the coolest Alice in Wonderland mural today and it made for the coolest pics!! As the weather is getting seriously chilly in the UK I thought it was a good time to add some more knitwear to my wardrobe and I stumbled across the ugliest fxckin' cardigan in the history of the world in a charity shop (for £2) it's vintage, bright purple and covered in shoes, I like that it's a cropped style and it has super long sleeves, it's quite a thick knit so I can be cosy in (not so much) style. I've also been wearing this super soft knit scarf from ASOS errrrry-day, it's crazily long and (again) super cosy!! As always I'm wearing my over-sized vintage band tee and fishnet socks.

India Hannah Pixie

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Hand painted denim

Found this Vintage Levi jacket in a charity shop (for £4!!) and thought it would be perfect to practise some custom designs on. 
Flower embroidery is oh so in but as I am oh so lazy, I went with the easier option of painting as it has a similar effect. I started off with some some roses, some other little flowers and a horseshoe (for luck..)on the sleeves and then I got really carried away on the back and started to think I was more arty than I am with the painting of a skull in an Indian style headdress. Thankfully I don't think it turned out too badly. And everyone else seems to like it too, I think it's really cool that this piece is completely custom and personal to me and it's the only one like it!!

I think the rest of the denim in my wardrobe needs to keep out of the way of me and my paint....

India Hannah Pixie


Sunday, 16 October 2016

Vintage & fishnets

 Hoop Earrings /x/ ASOS
Lipstick /x/ Urban Decay Vice 'Heroine'
Choker /x/ Regal Rose 'Ziggy'
Tshirt /x/ Vintage Harley Davidson
Jacket /x/ Vintage
Fishnets /x/ ASOS
Boots /x/ Thrifted - John Lewis
Back pack /x/ Topshop

Photos /x/ Harley Williams

Was feeling super casual and comfy today so I paired my fave XL vintage Harley Davidson tee with a pair of fishnets (a much cooler alternative to your usual, plain tights) my thrifted black ankle booties from John Lewis (a staple item for every wardrobe.) and this gorgeous thrifted, vintage jacket (I adore this mustard colour!!) from Camden Market, which is perfect for those slightly warmer autumn days as although it's lined with fluffy cosyness, it's a super lightweight jacket (and showerproof too!)

Accessories wise, I wanted to keep things simple with minimal jewelry, though, I can never be without a choker and this one from Regal Rose is one of my faves for every day wear as it's super lightweight and comfortable.

I'm a backpack and a velvet and a leopard print fiend so you can only imagine how excited I was to find my this little beauty of a bag from Topshop. I can already tell this will be my 'go to' bag for the whole of A/W. It's comfortable to wear, practical to use (front pocket fits my monster of a phone in, this never happens!!) and its adorable af.

Can we also just appreciate that I unintentionally matched my Lipstick to the detailing on my jacket? Urban Decay is always making me want to wear the crazy colours and i'm always so surprised by how wearable they are, so this season you'll see me wearing all the purples and all the blues!!

India Hannah Pixie

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