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Thursday, 7 September 2017

mixing vintage with highstreet

I've always been a big fan of anything leather, vinyl and PVC, basically, anything that makes you look like a rockstar (or a groupie) gets a 10/10 from me.

So I've been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket for a while, now, don't get me wrong, I have quite a few leather jackets in my wardrobe already but I've been lusting over tassels recently, something that all my other jackets are lacking.

Leather, like denim, is timeless, something that you can pull from your wardrobe again and again and style it in so many ways. I'm a vegan (plant based) so I can't buy 'new' leather but I can, however, buy vintage leather from say, a charity shop because it means I'm not contributing to the demand/funding the leather industry. This makes things a little difficult, I can't just pop over to my local all saints and pick up one of their infamous leathers. Saying that, there is absolutely nothing like sorting through your local charity shops and coming across incredible vintage pieces that are totes unique, in that you won't see anyone else wearing the same one!!

I can't even tell you how thrilled I was to find this leather, tasselled dreamboat of a jacket, I wish I could wear it every day of my life, 24/7, but as it's rather weighty and warm I think I'll just save it for the upcoming winter months. I'm wearing another one of my fave thrifty finds, my vintage Van Dahl boots, if these boots ever give up on me I will be heartbroken.

 I've never been into wearing all black, everythaaang and I wasn't gonna start with this outfit, I wanted to give a pop of solid, bold colour but without any crazy prints or styles so to not detract too much from the main events aka the jacket and the skirt!

It was only when I was looking through my wardrobe, floordrobe and that chair in the corner of my room stacked with a pile of clothes (I think we all know what I'm talking about!!) that I realised I literally have 0 basic tops. I have a shit tonne of oversized band tee's and Harley Davidson tee's but no basic, plain, fitted t-shirts.

Thankfully New look had a selection of super basic tee's in just about every colour under the sun so I picked this lil red number with the intention of tucking into this incredible faux leather/PVC skirt, which has had a million gazillion compliments already.

I wanted to keep my accessories to a minimum (who am i?) so I just went with my fave Sacred Hawk sequin baker boy hat, if they did this in more colours I would 100% buy them all!!  A skinny scarf that I picked up in the ASOS sale for £2.00 and my beloved Thomas Sabo rings that I'm rarely seen without.

Hat - Sacred Hawk (Sold out!) // Scarf - ASOS // Jacket - Thrifted // Tshirt - New Look  // Belt - Sacred Hawk // Skirt - New Look (Sold out?) // Boots - Thrifted.

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